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Freedom Crosses Starts Movement to Restore America's Christian Values…One Cross at a Time

Contact: Paula Robertson, Freedom Crosses USA, 239-454-1454

NAPLES, Fla., Oct. 20, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- Freedom Crosses Founder and President Mary King, a former member of the United States Diplomatic Corps, is a woman on a mission. Her mission is to inspire Christians throughout the United States to join together in proclaiming a return to the principles of the founding fathers and the Christian values that have made this country great for more than 200 years...one cross at a time.

"I am a Christian and a patriot, and I have become increasingly alarmed at the disappearance of Christian symbols in today's culture," notes King. "I believe patriots and Christians must join together in taking a stand for America."

After two years of praying to be shown a meaningful way to help restore Christian values, King heard a story that inspired her to found Freedom Crosses USA. The story was about the people of Frankenmuth, Michigan who placed crosses in their front yards as a stand against an effort to remove the cross in the city shield that signifies the city's Lutheran beginnings.

"That story was my inspiration and the answer to my prayers," says King. "I set about developing Freedom Crosses USA to spread the powerful statement made by the people of Frankenmuth, and to provide a way for Christians to put God back into America by placing on their private property a cross engraved with the words IN GOD WE TRUST for the whole world to see. This would send a profound, peaceful message while promoting unity among Christians. My vision is to see Freedom Crosses sweep across America in a nationwide movement that reinforces the American values and Christian principles on which this great nation was founded."

King launched Freedom Crosses USA on Easter Sunday 2011 at the First Baptist Church in Naples, Florida. Members of that church enthusiastically embraced the mission and message of Freedom Crosses, leading King to believe that other churches will do the same.

Freedom Crosses are proudly made in the United States, and are available in different designs made of either white marble-like resin or white powder-coated aluminum. Both are durable and weather resistant. They also come in various sizes, appropriate for the yard, hanging on a door, wall or window, for the car rearview mirror or as a Christmas tree ornament. For information, call toll free 888-382-2849 or visit www.FreedomCrossesUSA.com.