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Sarah Palin and Family Shown to be Admirable and Normal

Contact: Bo Kuhar, PharmD, Pharmacists For Life International, 740-881-5520

MEDIA ADVISORY, Sept. 4 /Christian Newswire/ -- The following is submitted by Karen Brauer, MS, RPh, President, Pharmacists For Life International:

Senator John McCain's choice for vice president, Sarah Palin, has had extreme liberals foaming at the mouth for days.

I sense a fundamental loss of confidence for team Obama, and his supporting media.

Attacks on Governor Palin range from suggestions that a mother cannot govern in high office (though she's already doing that), to crazy suppositions that her daughter was the one who actually bore Trig Palin, Sarah's child born in April of this year. Now extreme lefties have intensified their attacks, since learning the fact that Bristol is actually pregnant with a child of her own.

I watched Sarah Palin's acceptance speech, to the Republican convention and to America. While my position is not to endorse any candidate for political office, I can express admiration for this gutsy woman, who delivered her address with fire and good humor.

Sarah Palin and her family are Normal with a capital N. They have the challenges and make the mistakes with which regular Americans are very familiar, and they face them with honesty and integrity. What a refreshing contrast to so many of the disingenuous politicians jockeying for power in public offices.

To the liberals: no, Bristol can't kill her baby to 'cover up' the fact that she had sex before marriage, because she's pro-life. Bristol and her family apparently regard the unexpected baby is a gift and a challenge, not a "punishment", as the opposing candidate had previously suggested in relation to his own daughters.

To the pro-aborts who suggest that she might have been "forced to keep the baby", please attend to the lawsuits against your abortion businesses for concealing the coerced abortions committed on girls who have been molested and raped.

I looked at Sarah Palin and her family tonight and saw an image of the myriad people who hold America together. Normal with a capital N. This family exemplifies optimism and real hope for all of us. I pray for God to bless the Palins, no matter where this campaign trail leads them.
Karen L. Brauer MS, RPh is president of Pharmacists for Life International, the most fully pro-life organization representing thousands of pharmacists, technicians and lay people all over the world. Find our politically incorrect site at http://www.pfli.org. Pharmacists for Life International truly makes no profit and the officers and staff are volunteers.