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From Vegas to Victory: The Death of a Prostitute

New Book Announcement

From Vegas to Victory: The Death of a Prostitute -- By Judy Lamborn

Contact: Redeeming Love Ministries, 636-671-7170, redeeminglove@charter.net

MEDIA ADVISORY, April 24 /Christian Newswire/ -- A true story of redemption and hope that chronicles how Judy Lamborn was transformed from a drug-abusing prostitute to a loving wife and responsible mother of two.

From Vegas to Victory: The Death of a Prostitute is a biographical book that will be a valuable resource for at-risk teenagers, parents of wayward children, young adults, addiction counselors, or anyone else who might be in need of a helpful guide for those who have suffered abuse and have made wrong choices in life.

The book is also an enjoyable read for any individual who simply desires to be inspired by Judy Lamborn's dramatic testimony of redemption and hope.

"It is my prayer that as you read this book, you will realize that God is faithful to stand by you at all times regardless of the situation or circumstance," says Lamborn. "He is ever willing to let you start over again. His mercy is new every morning! He will allow you to make mistakes and then teach you through the consequences of those mistakes."

Judy Lamborn takes her readers on a journey that demonstrates the value of taking personal responsibility and applying faith-based solutions for the purpose of overcoming compulsive or addictive lifestyles that have imprisoned many to a life of guilt and shame. And her personal testimony is positive proof that with God all things are possible and that there is hope for those who feel trapped in seemingly hopeless situations.

Lamborn shares her past challenges as an adopted child who sought to escape the trials of her turbulent and abusive family life when she left home and began participating in a myriad of risky activities. While spiraling down the path of despair, her perilous journey included incidents of incest, being a captive to pornographic literature as an adolescent, smoking and drinking, topless dancing, drug addiction, the guilt of abortion, and ultimately selling herself as a prostitute in Las Vegas.

For those who have experienced setbacks and frustrations while on the road to recovery, Lamborn's honest and transparent testimony will also encourage readers to overcome numerous mistakes and endure the process that is necessary for lasting change to take place.

Her victory over crystal meth (a powerful but less-expensive cocaine substitute), the account of how she met her husband Rick in an unlikely place and how they both became miraculously debt-free before relocating to St. Louis to work for Joyce Meyer Ministries, and the narrative of how she finally met her birth mother for the first time ever in 2008 are just a couple of vignettes from her intriguing life story.

Through Lamborn's testimony and through the establishment of Redeeming Love Ministries, she has seen many people overcome drug addiction, obsessions with pornography, prostitution, and the guilt and shame that haunts many woman after going through abortions. Her story has been broadcast twice to millions of viewers on Joyce Meyer television programs. And Joyce Meyer says, "Judy has a powerful testimony that will inspire many with hope. Her book shows that nothing is impossible with God's redeeming love."

A portion of all the proceeds received from the sales of From Vegas to Victory will go towards the Pearl Alliance project and the A21 Campaign; two very worthwhile organizations working towards eradicating the detestable practice of human trafficking.

From Vegas to Victory: The Death of a Prostitute is available wherever fine books are sold.

For further information or to arrange an interview with Judy Lamborn, author of From Vegas to Victory: The Death of a Prostitute, contact:
Redeeming Love Ministries (www.redeemingloveministries.org), redeeminglove@charter.net, (636) 671-7170.

From Vegas to Victory: The Death of a Prostitute
Judy Lamborn
Published by Impact Communications
ISBN: 978-0-9742297-3-7