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Americangirlmodel Screening and Talent Search Premiers in Florida at the Bilmar Beach Resort on Treasure Island

Contact: Americangirlmodel, 423-337-1896, americangirlmodel@gmail.com

PINELLAS COUNTY, FL, July 30 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Premiere of Americangirlmodel in Florida takes place on Tuesday August 25, 2009 at the Luxurious Bilmar Beach Resort on Treasure Island.

So what is an Americangirlmodel? It's a girl who realizes her true beauty is not in her physical physique and appearances but in who she is and is becoming (cosmetics and cloths are not her identity). The Americangirlmodel foundation is based upon two fundamental principles; that all girls everywhere are created and endowed with inherent beauty, value and purpose and that every girl inherently possesses the right to pursue a course of dignity through high moral standards in their relationships with others.
The purpose of the Americangirlmodel web site is to help promote and introduce girls who believe in high moral standards and values into media and film industries that model strong family values. This is done by posting profiles on the AGM Site where those profiles may be viewed by producers and directors who may be seeking new talent.

Americangirlmodel conducts screenings nationwide providing opportunities to girls between the ages of 8-28 who cannot afford to become members of professional actor's guilds or talent agencies to be able to gain higher visibility to producers and directors who are seeking local talent through its web site. Americangirlmodel conducts these screenings nationwide and offers a free three year posting service to each participant selected.

Special room rates of $89.00 are available to Americangirlmodel applicants wishing to arrive the night before. If you would like to share a room with another mom and daughter or girl send an email request to: americangirlmodel@gmail.com with your full contact information. We will share your contact information with other moms and girls interested in sharing a room.

Registration begins at 9:00 am and continues until 5:00 pm. Girls under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. A $25.00 cash application fee (covering administrative costs) is required to register.

Americangirlmodel is a not for profit educational and charitable foundation dedicated to young ladies in the pursuit of wholesome appearance and purity. Americangirlmodel is not affiliated or associated in any way shape or form with American Girl, AG, its products, affiliates or films.