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Christian Militants Harm Peace Efforts

Contact: Jennifer Thomasson, Public Relations, Terry McIntosh Ministries, Inc., 800-872-1205, 270-534-0792

MEDIA ADVISORY, Sept. 9 /Christian Newswire/ -- West Bank Evangelist Terry McIntosh draws a line in the sand between genuine Christianity and militant imposters in an upcoming message scheduled for release on Palestinian TV.

"Militants hijack religion and harm the peace process by breaking international and moral laws to the harm of innocent people including both Jews and Palestinians," he says. "Palestinians need to know that Christians actually love them. Additionally, incitement against Yitzhak Rabin and the Oslo Peace Accord was supported by militant Christians and resulted in his murder. He was shot down, killed, by a Zionist. Similar rhetoric aimed at Jewish peacemakers today pending further negotiations over Jerusalem cannot be tolerated."

McIntosh defines militant Christianity as one that seeks to advance the political state of Israel at the expense of, and harm to, innocent people in order to establish their goal of a Greater Israel. Activities can include support of illegal settlements on Palestinian land, and/or political incitement that leads to harm against elected Jewish officials, and/or support of military and subversive activities steeped in deceit and manipulation.

McIntosh further indicts Islamic extremists along with militant Christianity. "When Christians resort to illegal and militant action, they are acting no better than Islamic radicals who believe that they have to fight for God. The same spirit is working in both religions, and they end up hurting people in practice of faith."

McIntosh mandates a call for both Palestine and Israel to seek reconciliation, and addresses the subject of illegal settlements as part of militant Christianity. He assures Palestinians that true Christianity respects their right to life and dignity. The program airs in October. Run time is three minutes and is available for review at http://usajourney.us/Video.html.  

McIntosh, a Kentucky native, has challenged Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. He says, "Politics was a hot topic in Jesus' day, but he did not instruct his disciples to break laws in pursuit of political goals. He said, "Blessed are the peacemakers."

McIntosh originally planted a Christian chapel in the West Bank in 1996, and has appeared on Palestinian TV numerous times appealing for peace during times of intense fighting in the Holy Land.

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