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TBN's Holy Land Experience Gearing up for Exciting Summer Season

Faith-based Florida park inspires, entertains vacationers from around the nation, world

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ORLANDO, May 20 /Christian Newswire/ -- It's that time of year again: school is out, kids of all ages are switching out their spring wardrobes for warm-weather apparel--shorts, t-shirts, swimwear--and families across America are gearing up for their once-a-year excursion in search of sun, fun, and relaxation. Yes, the summer season is upon us and countless thousands of families will be making their way to vacation hot-spots like the theme park capital of the world Orlando, Florida.

With such big-name family-friendly attractions like Disney World, Universal Studios, and Sea World, Orlando has been a major draw for vacationers the world over for over 30 years. But amidst the bustle and excitement of water parks, heart-stopping reality rides, and cartoon characters that come to life, Orlando is also home to the faith- and family-friendly Holy Land Experience, one of America's most innovative and unique theme parks. With its colorful and realistic recreations of ancient Israel and its exciting dramatizations of key favorite Bible accounts, Holy Land Experience has become a must-see attraction for countless thousands of individuals, families, church groups, and other vacationers from around the nation and world.

"Summer is definitely an exciting and busy time here at Holy Land Experience," said Mike Everett, the park's director. "Our guests come from all over because they know that there is something here for everyone, and that they'll leave here refreshed in both body and spirit."

Owned and operated since 2007 by Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), the world's largest religious broadcaster, Holy Land Experience is nothing less than a living, interactive faith experience that transports visitors back thousands of years to experience the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, historical time frames--and the impacting truths--of the Bible.

From the moment guests enter the park's rich and colorful panorama of landscape, architecture, and living scenes, they are immersed in a convincing and realistic depiction of ancient Jerusalem and Israel. Every exhibit, live program, and dramatization brings visitors face-to-face with the characters, customs, and relevance of Old and New Testament Scripture.

Holy Land Experience is designed to make the Bible come alive to visitors through such recreated sites as the Garden Tomb where Christ was buried and rose three days later; the Qumran Caves where some of the most recent biblical manuscripts were discovered over 60 years ago; the Great Temple of New Testament Jerusalem; a miniature version of the city of Jerusalem; and much more!

The park's renowned Scriptorium is a visitor favorite, with its impressive collection of priceless biblical antiquities, including the famed Van Kampen Collection that consists of several thousand manuscripts, scrolls, and other religious artifacts. Scriptorium exhibits include enlightening presentations that transport visitors to the historical and geographical areas where biblical documents originated, giving them a dramatic understanding of the history of the Bible, its parallels in history, and the impact Scripture has had upon the world.

Since its beginnings, Holy Land Experience has inspired guests with such life-changing exhibits as the Ministry of Jesus, a close-up recreation of many of Christ's miracles; and Remember Me, an interactive exhibit in which guests are ushered back to Christ's last meal with His disciples in the Upper Room, sharing in the bread and the cup as the Savior leads them through the significance of His sacrifice.

This summer Holy Land Experience is adding some dazzling and dramatic live programs that will entertain and inspire individuals of all ages, including:

Why I love Him. Guests meet four women from Scripture who each share a deep bond of love for the Lord Jesus, and in the process will see the pages of the Bible come to life in this new, original Holy Land Experience drama.

Let the Children Come to Me. Parents and grandparents join as children sit at the feet of Jesus, hearing His most beloved teachings. The whole family will share in the warmth and joy as the timeless stories of the Good Samaritan, the Lost Sheep, and many others parables literally come to life.

Let Freedom Ring! (From Memorial Day through Labor Day). This patriotic concert and program, featuring heart-stirring music spanning the years from America's beginnings to today, will make hearts swell with pride and an appreciation of how God has blessed "the land of the free and the home of the brave."

Behold The Lamb Passion Drama. This crowd favorite has been expanded with new music, new scenes, and new drama--all designed to put guests in the middle of the most important event in all of history--Christ's death and resurrection! Behold the Lamb is the Holy Land Experience's longest running and most powerful presentation.

In addition to all these awesome and inspirational exhibits and programs, Holy Land Experience has a special place for kids called Smile of a Child Adventureland (sponsored by TBN's exclusive Kid's TV network), where younger guests are treated to a fun and exciting world where they become a part of their favorite Bible stories. There's even an awesome--and totally safe--rock climbing experience kids will talk about for years to come.

"Holy Land Experience is one of the most relevant and life-changing vacation destinations that individuals, families, church groups, youth groups--just about anyone--could experience," said Paul Crouch Jr., TBN's Chief of Staff and President of Holy Land Experience. "It's fun, it's entertaining, it's inspiring. And we're convinced that those who visit us will make it a regular stop for their vacation."

The admission price for Holy Land Experience includes all park activities (except dining and shopping) during operating hours: exhibits, musical dramas, presentations, special guests performances or guest speakers, and the movie theatre. Parking, wheelchairs, and strollers are free; special rates are offered to pre-booked bus groups. Hours of operation vary by season. For details, visit online at www.holylandexperience.com, or call 407-872-2272.

About Holy Land Experience
Holy Land Experience is an exclusive interactive theme park in Orlando, Florida that combines innovative music, drama, and historical exhibits to offer visitors a face to face encounter with the transforming truths of the Bible. Bringing together the sights, sounds, tastes, and feel of the Bible world, HLE is a uniquely educational and inspiring experience. Its structures and exhibits accurately characterize the style, architecture, and settings of ancient Jerusalem, while its lively presentations provide visitors with one-of-a-kind scriptural perspectives. Colorful and dramatic re-creations of the ministry of Jesus, unforgettable stories from both the Old and New Testaments, glorious miracles, and life-changing triumphs will move and inspire HLE guests of all ages. For more information on the Holy Land Experience, visit