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New Book Exposes Readers to an Unseen Enemy in the Church

Xulon Press title breaks ground in saving lost from eternal damnation

A must read, for every Christian!!! Powerful witnessing tool to reach the lost!! If you are having problems saving loved ones from an eternal damnation here is your chance to do it with a single book!

Contact: Andrew M Teneriello, Unity of Christ Ministries, 603-577-1749, ateneriello@comcast.net

LONGWOOD, Fl., Sept. 26 /Christian Newswire/ -- Take a journey back in time through the history of Christianity in author Andrew Michael Teneriello's groundbreaking new release, Blinded by the Devil (paperback, 978-1-60647-584-3). This book exposes readers to an enemy they cannot see, one who is controlling many of the so-called Christian churches today with his own form of doctrine that corrupts the words of the New Testament. Not only will Blinded by the Devil expose this enemy for what he is, but it will also give readers precious insight into how he operates as well.

You will learn firsthand, which churches are operating in darkness. Are you going to one of these churches? Find out the criteria's, for these churches. In this book you will find out how to be set free from all things through the power of God. Self Help Books will not set you free from finances, sickness, or depression. Jesus said in order for you to be set free, you must first learn the truth. Jesus said I am the truth, the way, and the light. Those who know of Me will be set free. For if the Son sets you free, you are free indeed! There are many who preach this but who fully do not understand its meaning. Says Teneriello, "If anything [my book] asks the reader to have an open mind and research for themselves the truth as to why they exist. It clearly takes the reader to the three major religions and compares them and their agendas. I then take them on a journey of truthful scripture and teach them how to operate in the full power of God. I hope their eyes will be lifted as they will see how and why an enemy they cannot see is out to steal, kill, and destroy them."

An ordained minister of the gospels, the author was inspired to write this book by a single event which changed the way he viewed many of today's prominent Christian churches. In December 2007, he had a supernatural encounter with God that exposed how false churches that have risen since the foundation of the New Testament gospels. During his research, he visited numerous churches and denominations, comparing them to the New Testament gospels, and studied three major world religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. It was through these studies--as well as assistance which came "from a higher source"--Teneriello was able to pen the book that could save many from heading to an eternal damnation in hell.