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John Boehner and GOP Leaders Betray Tea Party, Pro-lifers, and Unborn Babies

"Planned Parenthood get's more money for their 'criminal syndicate.' This is what John Boehner is made of?" -- Randall Terry, Founder, Operation Rescue

Contact: Catherine Veritas, 904-687-9804

WASHINGTON, Feb. 25, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- The following is submitted by Randall Terry: 

Here are John Boehner's own words -- words he has betrayed:

    "When human life takes a back seat to other priorities - personal comforts, economics - freedom is diminished... we have a moral obligation to defend the defenseless. And nothing is more defenseless, or more innocent, or more pure, than an unborn baby."

    "There is no cause more noble than the defense of human life. There is no mission more critical. No debate more urgent" (John Boehner, June, 2010).

See more at www.BoehnerTeaParty.com

These words were in a speech at a National Right to Life gathering in June 2010, at which Mr. Boehner was given an "award" (for heaven knows what.) We call on Right to Life to rescind the award in the face of this treachery.

Mr. Terry States:

    "Unborn babies must not be treated as stepping stones. We must now take this fight to the Pro-life, Tea Party freshman, which are not yet jaded. They must be told -- in no uncertain terms -- that they were elected to represent their constituents, not John Boehner and the good ol' boy network.

    "Mr. Boehner is collaborating with child killers; Planned Parenthood kills over 300,000 babies a year. They are also actively involved in covering up sex crimes against minors, which is why they should be called a 'criminal enterprise,' and accessories after the fact.

    "I urge my fellow pro-life leaders, heads of ministries, and individual pro-lifers to hold peaceful demonstrations and press conferences in front of your House Member's office in your area. We must DEMAND that they vote against this bill when it comes back from the conference committee.

    "We should let Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid be in the position of having to explain their support (financially and ethically) for an organization that kills over 300,000 babies a year by abortion, and by the tens of thousands of times per year, is covering up sex crimes."

Mr. Terry and his associates met with Boehner's staff and held a 'sit-in' on Wednesday, warning of the danger of this very treachery.

See Video of the Press Conference and Sit in at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Et7UfIePOo