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The Love Story That Took 30 Years to Tell

Contact: Dave Christiano, 828-654-7455

ARDEN, Nc., Sept. 27 /Christian Newswire/ -- "Me & You, Us, Forever" is the story of a 47 year old Christian man, on the other side of an unwanted divorce, who reminisces about his old high school girlfriend and first love of 30 years ago.

So how does a small company with no big name actors and very little promotional money put a movie in the theaters and expect people to come see it?

"You do it with what you think and hope is a good story," said director Dave Christiano, "a real love story."

Christiano has produced a film that won't have any sex or even hint in that direction. Rather, his movie is a sentimental drama that aims to touch the heart and is something anyone who's ever been in love can honestly relate to.

"A first love is hard to beat," states Dave, "and I've tried to capture that emotion with this movie."

The film is set in 2004 and flashes back to 1974. We see through the eyes of the main character this relationship he once held so dear. Christiano took a page out of his own life to produce his film. "This movie is inspired by a real life person," says Dave.

Casting the movie had an interesting twist.

Dave received an E-mail from a mother in Texas who wanted to know if her daughter could audition for any projects.

The photo submitted was of Kathryn Worsham and she looked almost exactly like Dave's old girlfriend of whom this movie was based on.

"I never intended to cast someone who looked like the real person of the story," remembers Dave.

The movie tells the story of a teenage couple from western New York who met on January 5th, 1974 and dated until June 2nd, 1976.

"Kathryn's scenes were first on the production schedule and it was really something special to work with her," stated Dave.

The producer chose Valentine's Day weekend for the release of his movie and is lining up the top 17 markets and over 40 states for a nationwide release.

"A love story coming that time of year is for the romantic at heart," says Christiano. "And I believe anybody who did not marry their first love, and anyone who wants to see a love story, and those who have been affected by divorce, will be able to completely relate to the sentiment of this film."