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Allegro Rainbow Strikes a Chord with the Christian Community

Contacts: Brian Metcalf, Senior Account Manager, Max Borges Agency, 305-576-1171 x 11, brianmetcalf@maxborgesagency.com

TAMPA, Florida, /Christian Newswire/ -- Allegro Rainbow, a leading provider of music gaming software and music education tools, is proud to announce several new initiatives that speak to the Christian community. They include the addition of new Hymns on WizardTunes.com, the debut of several new Piano Wizard Academies and the launch of the Piano Wizard Kids Page. This marks Allegro’s increased effort to bring its unique brand of music edutainment to the Christian community. Included at the Kids Page is a link to download a free kid safe musical internet browser that helps protect children from harmful content and internet predators.

“The response from the religious community to Piano Wizard has been overwhelmingly positive” explains Chris Salter, CEO of Allegro Rainbow. “We recognize the importance that music plays in the church and in the lives of our children. Adding additional content for our Christian community on WizardTunes.com seemed only natural.”

The success of the flagship Piano Wizard Academy at Southern Illinois University has spawned the creation of several new Academies across the nation. Earlier this month, The Rocky Mountain School for the Gifted and Creative initiated the nation’s second Piano Wizard Academy. Atlanta and New Orleans are slated for the next installments of the academy which is having an overwhelmingly positive effect on children who normally would not be exposed to music education.

“The success of the Piano Wizard Academy is one of our company’s most gratifying achievements,” remarked Chris Salter. “All of us at Allegro are firm believers that music is a birthright not reserved for the elite. It should be open to all, not just those who have access to classical education. Music is something joyful and joins people at a spiritual level, allowing everyone to experience that joy is a beautiful thing.”

Just last month, Allegro Rainbow announced the launch of the Piano Wizard Kids’ Page, http://kids.pianowizard.com/ a unique online experience for kids of all ages. The kid-tested and proven website comes complete with educational games (puzzles, trivia, etc.), interactive tutorials, and Piano Wizard practice lessons. The site is a one-stop entertainment center for kids who are interested in music and learning about the game. The site is also a great, non-violent website where parents can send their kids for hours of truly worthwhile “edutainment”.

“Our goal with the Piano Wizard Kids’ Page was to create an online experience and community that allows kids to be kids; a chance for them to learn and play in a safe, non-threatening environment. We plan to continue adding new content and activities to the site over the coming months, and hopefully do our small part in helping turn the tide against violent content and games for our children.”

For more information about Piano Wizard or Allegro Rainbow, please contact PR representatives Brian Metcalf at brianmetcalf@maxborgesagency.com or Ted Miller at tedmiller@maxborgesagency.com

About Piano Wizard®
Allegro Rainbow’s flagship product is Piano Wizard, a computer video game that teaches kids how to play piano through a simple, patented, video game method. With the Piano Wizard software, colored ``notes'' – disguised as colorful icons like dinosaur eggs or rocket ships – travel along a straight line upward towards the same colored key on the computer screen. The player then simply hits the same color key on their piano keyboard when the note reaches the colored piano keys on the screen. It is so simple, children as young as three can play Beethoven in minutes. Conventional teaching methods emphasize learning notation and theory first, which is contrary to our natural learning process. Piano Wizard teaches the user how to play a song first and later provides insight into the musical theory. At advanced levels, the software rotates the line that the notes are traveling on so they are horizontal, mimicking the lines of the staff. Now the notes are moving across the screen exactly the way music is read, demonstrating to the user the underlying logic of musical notation and theory.

About Allegro Rainbow
Allegro Rainbow is a leading provider of non-violent, musical videogame software. Allegro is the answer to mindless or violent videogames by using this engaging medium to teach through patented revolutionary music learning techniques, which eliminate and reduce many frustrations associated with traditional music lessons. Teachers, parents and kids love how Allegro teaches how to play real songs on real musical instruments through entertaining fun and games, with limitless choice of songs and musical content! Allegro Rainbow’s core mission is to help bring about universal music literacy, so that playing and reading music is a birthright for all, not just for a lucky or privileged few.

For more information, please visit www.pianowizard.com