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Are Christians Attracting a Spiritual Atmosphere -- Or Repelling It

Contact: Fountain of Life, 877-543-3365, www.ExpectHisBest.org

TOTOWA, New Jersey, Aug.7 /Christian Newswire/ -- Dr. Daniel E. Mitchell has recently released his new book, "Are You Attracting A Spiritual Atmosphere?" Dr. Mitchell is ahead of the curve in confronting the Christian believer with that question and answering it incredibly.

Tussle. . .scuffle. . . jostle. . .sounds like some Christian Ministers and their members in mega-Churches and Home-Town Congregations having angry outbursts as they contend in the struggle of relating to each other and God. Recently Christians are becoming famous for 'repelling' people. Even famous leaders need straightforward help in becoming more 'attractive'. This book brings the solution to them and their members. Nothing in life really gratifies until one gets closer to the Lord individually by attracting a divine Spiritual Atmosphere. This book coaches them how.

J. D. King, International Director World Revival Network of Ministries says: "This book . . .not only answers how you can draw near to God, it gives you some actual strategies for long-term
spiritual growth."

In "Are You Attracting A Spiritual Atmosphere?" the reader will find solutions for:
"How" to get closer to God.
"How" to attract Heaven's attention to You.
"How" to set the pace to empower others to attract the Spiritual Atmosphere you long for.

Loaded with Grace and Godly Counsel, this brief and relevant book will immediately add significant value to the reader as they learn to attract an Irresistible, Undeniable and Sustainable Daily Encounter with Jesus Christ.

Daniel E. Mitchell offers this book to encourage all believers to arise, repel hopelessness, and neutralize stress, anxiety and depression. He says, "You can have the saturated moments of His Presence you've always longed for! Jesus wants you to insist upon attracting your own anointed Spiritual Atmosphere."

Daniel E. Mitchell is Founder and Pastor of Fountain of Life, Inc. He is a minister-at-large as a speaker and singer offering seminars and concerts focused on therapeutic Hope for the believer.
Dr. Mitchell is also an Abundant-LIFE Coach and Abounding-HOPE Counselor. He and his wife, Buni, have been devoted followers Jesus Christ for over 35 years.

ISBN 978-1-934447-15-4
$7, 80 pages, soft cover
To place orders for the book, contact:
*Toll Free: 877-543-3365
*Web Site: www.ExpectHisBest.org  
* Email: fountainoflife@tmomail.net