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Author and Pastor Translates Simple English New Testament

Contact: Andrew Jackson, 480-776-4877, Andy@DrAndrewJackson.com; www.InternationalEnglishBible.com


PHOENIX, Nov. 28, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- "Why do we need another English version of the Bible?" This was the question some people asked author and pastor Andrew Jackson when he embarked on translating the New Testament from Greek into simple, everyday English.


"Unfortunately, many of the accurately translated English Bibles today are too wooden, making it difficult for the reader to get personally involved in the Word," Jackson notes. "Others are paraphrases that are often not accurate to the original intent of the writers of the Bible."


Jackson's International English Bible™, now available in ebook and paperback format, balances accuracy and ease of reading and is written for the ordinary person, with a clear, natural flow.


With a Master of Divinity degree from Fuller Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Jackson served over 20 years as a teaching pastor in two mega-churches in Virginia and Arizona, and as a college and seminary professor. He is ordained in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church.


Having studied at the Jerusalem University College in Israel and traveled through Turkey for twenty years, Jackson now leads biblical tours in the Middle East. This experience affords him a unique perspective on the geographical and cultural context of the New Testament scriptures.


As a result, he intentionally included features in the International English Bible™ that increase its accessibility and relevance to 21st-century readers, including: inline citations of Old Testament quotes, geographical points keyed to modern-day places, brief historical explanations and modern-day units of measurement.


Seasoned Christians, new believers, students, new English speakers and teachers alike will gain a fresh perspective on the word of God by reading the International English Bible™.


For more information, contact Andrew Jackson at Andy@DrAndrewJackson.com or call 480-776-4877. To read the International English Bible™ or to purchase a copy, visit www.InternationalEnglishBible.com