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Do You Run Your Life or Does Your Life Run You -- 3 Things You Must do to Regain Control and Get Yourself Back on the Right Track

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NEW YORK, May 12 /Christian Newswire/ -- One of the banes of life in the 21st Century is that people are under more pressure now than ever before. Cell phones and Blackberries keep us on call 24/7. Statistics prove that the average American is rushed for time, disorganized at work and at home, and muddles through life without a true sense of fulfillment. 

"There is a reason for this," says renowned life coach Dr. Terri Levine. "Most people were never taught the skills necessary to take control and create the life they desire and deserve." 

Known as the Guru of Coaching(TM) Terri Levine has devoted her life to teaching clients world-wide the techniques anyone can learn to get in touch with their authentic selves and put the passion back into their lives.

Levine teaches active self-listening techniques that allow you to separate from those "should have, would have, could have," self-defeating thought patterns.  "Too many people think they need to 'fix themselves' but self-coaching teaches the opposite.  You don't need to be fixed; you just need to learn how to create the balance that has been missing in your life."

In her new book Coaching is for Everyone, Terri helps people evaluate their strengths and weaknesses identifying old patterns of behavior and replacing them with techniques that will help them live happier more fulfilling lives.

"Whether you want to improve your relationships, lose weight or increase your productivity at work, you're never too old to learn how to turn your life around", says Levine.

Levine is one of the country's top certified professional life coaches.  In Coaching is for Everyone Terri Levine shares:

  • How to eliminate negative self talk and rewrite the script
  • The importance of being able to see yourself as creative, resourceful and whole 
  • Four basic life coaching skills that can eliminate stress and chaos and give you your life back

"I've designed the book so that every chapter includes play/work exercises and self assessment questions.  This was done to reinforce the skills you are reading about and then apply them to your life," Levine continues.  "These foundations of self-coaching will show you how to identify the patterns in your life that may be holding you back."

"The work you do in Coaching is for Everyone will help you move through problems, fears and challenges that have held you captive and enable you to achieve more than you ever dreamed possible."

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About the Author
TERRI LEVINE, the Guru of Coaching(TM) is a top life and business coach and the founder of Comprehensive Coaching U, Inc.  Levine is also the founder of the world renowned professional coach training school, The Coaching Institute (

Dr. Levine is passionate about teaching coaching skills to people around the world and making these skills available to children, parents, employers, employees and every person from every walk of life.  She is a Master Certified Coach and has been featured on TV and radio as a coaching expert.  Dr. Levine is the author of several best selling books and is a featured speaker for organizations and conferences around the world.  She lives joyfully and fully with her husband and father in Pennsylvania and her hobby is racing formula dodge cars!