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The Revolt of 2020 Imparts a Vision for American Revolution

Contact: Dr. Patrick Johnston, 740-453-9173

MEDIA ADVISORY, March 10, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- A family physician from America's heartland has encapsulated a vision for godly government that is daily looking more prophetic and less like fiction.

Abortion bans are gaining support in Mississippi, Colorado, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas, Iowa, Georgia, and Montana.

Most state legislatures are bucking unconstitutional federal dictates with Sovereignty Amendments and resolutions.

"Firearms Freedom Acts" have passed in seven states.

States like Arizona are tackling the crisis of illegal immigration on their own, highlighting federal incompetence.

Thirty-one states have banned gay marriage to insulate against judicial activism.

Twenty-seven states have sued the federal government over Obamacare.

The popularity of authentic conservatives is increasing, while neo-cons lose their grip on voters.

School boards and state judges buck the feds with their Ten Commandments monuments that they refuse to uproot.

TEA Parties harness an increasing distrust of federal rule that has not been witnessed since the 1880's. Could all this culminate in a popular secession movement?

"The revolution has begun," the novel's author, a TEA Party and conference speaker, Dr. Patrick Johnston, affirms. "If a state bans abortion in submission to God's law and in defiance of tyranny, and the feds intervene with force, would not this be a conflict that God would bless?"

The cause of the Confederacy was crippled because of its tolerance of slavery, notes Johnston. "But we're a terrorist-attack away from disarmament, and a Supreme-Court decision away from mandated gay marriage and physician-assisted suicide. Most Americans are disillusioned with the immoral usurpations of the central government and long for justice for the preborn and righteous leadership. The soil in America is ripe for the seeds of revolution."

If Johnston's novel is an indication of the future, states may soon begin "a divorce from the bankrupt carcass of the United States and try to erect a government that protects God-given freedoms instead of being the chief violator of them, a government established upon the laws of nature and nature's God."

"The Revolt of 2020" -- read it before it happens!

Dr. Patrick Johnston founded the Assn. of Pro-Life Physicians and the Alliance to Reform Education Funding. He directs Personhood Ohio and fathers seven homeschooled children. His novel, The Revolt of 2020, available at amazon.com, is the first in a Trilogy exploring the tension between liberty, tyranny, and godly resistance. His website is www.RightRemedy.org.