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Arrows for God: How Parents Can Raise World-Changing Kids

Contact: Abigail Davidson, Publicist, WinePress Group, 360-802-9758, abigail@winepressgroup.com

ENUMCLAW, Wash., Aug. 31 /Christian Newswire/ -- Will the world change your children... or will your children change the world?

Julie Ferwerda, author of the new book, "One Million Arrows," is confident that God has a special world-impacting assignment for every child. "In Psalm 127:3-5, parents are exhorted to raise their children as 'arrows for God,'" explains Ferwerda. That means equipping their children to make a significant spiritual impact at their schools and workplaces, among peer groups, and in their communities.

In "One Million Arrows," Ferwerda introduces readers to mission-minded young people who are making a difference in the world around them and even the world at large. Readers will meet young people like Kohl Crecelius, a surfer/snowboarder who learned how to crochet trendy beanies in high school. During college he took this craft to teach women in Africa how to crochet in order to earn a living. After college, Kohl founded Krochet Kids International, a non-profit organization that supplies women with materials, tools, and training, and pays them a wage for their work.

Then there's Ivan van Vuuren, a missionary kid growing up in Africa who made a decision at age five to use his love and talent for extreme sports as a platform to preach the Gospel. Now an adult, he travels the world, hosting and performing at extreme sports events for youth. After the local events, he gathers the spectators and shares a bold, straightforward, Gospel message.

"God has frequently used young people throughout history for important assignments. God is looking for mission-minded young people and families to deliver a profound and eternal impact on this world," Ferwerda says. "But parents can lose focus and forget what is possible through our families when we pursue the Great Commission together--to go and make disciples of all nations."

The parent of two teenage daughters herself, she says, "We must be ready to give our children what their hearts deeply long for: an authentic relationship with their Creator, living out both the eternal and earthly purposes He created them for."

Dennis Rainey, President of FamilyLife, agrees. "God has called His people to leave a legacy of godliness for the next generation," he says. "'One Million Arrows' challenges parents to raise their children as ambassadors for Christ rather than casualties of the culture-war."

"The world is not God's gift to our children; our children are God's gift to the world," says Ferwerda. "In the short window of opportunity I have to impact their lives, I want to raise spiritually-fulfilled kids who are not just productive members of society, but productive members of eternity."

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