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Candidates Can't Run From the 2012 AFA Action Christian Voter Guide
Contact: Cindy Roberts, Director of Media & Public Relations, American Family Association, 662-844-5036; Media Inquiry

TUPELO, Miss., Oct. 29, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- The American Family Association (AFA) announced this week the release of its comprehensive voter guide for the 2012 elections. AFA has teamed up with the Heritage Alliance to produce what is being hailed as the most comprehensive online voter guide in America for 2012. Just one week after its launch on October 14, the mobile apps and the standard version, which can be downloaded at www.afaaction.net, has had 300,000 downloads. The guide has been specifically designed with the busy voter in mind by providing comprehensive candidate data research. It covers federal races in all fifty states on both the presidential and congressional levels as well as covering state races in AZ, CO, MO, NC, NE, OH MI, PA, TN, TX, VA and WI.

"Demand for the 2012 Voter Guide has been incredible this year, and we are working hard to get the guide to every voter as quickly as possible," said Buddy Smith, AFA executive vice president. "AFA supporters have donated almost $500,000.00 to advertise this powerful tool through new media markets around the nation."

"With critical issues like religious liberty, federal judges, sanctity of human life, marriage, free enterprise, national defense and Judeo-Christian values, we feel the guide is an invaluable resource to all who are planning to cast a vote this November," Smith continued, "The purpose of the AFA Voter Guide is neither to endorse nor oppose candidates. Rather, a conservative panel has awarded grades determined by how information gathered from and/or contributed by the candidate offers confidence that the candidate will vote conservatively if elected to public office."

Conservatives evangelicals are calling the AFA Voter Guide the most distinctive and comprehensive presentation of information on candidates available for values voters at one location. With a specific and distinct goal in mind, it has been designed to target legislative voting records if the candidate has recently held office, and it follows financial contributions by the candidate to other legislators with voting records. In addition, it records vote ratings for legislators to whom donors to the candidate have also contributed. Furthermore, the guide records vote ratings of federal legislators from conservative and liberal organizations, candidate surveys on issues, role of government, background, beliefs, and statements on candidates' websites.

Smith concluded, "We need to elect men and women to office who will stand firmly for biblical principles and who will vote conservatively. The Voter Guide allows citizens to enter their address, see the grade assigned to candidates running for national office, and read the details behind those grades."

For the Free Mobile APPS for the AFA Voter Guide, go to the APP Store on your iPhone, Android or iPad and search "AFA Action" or Text the word APPLE (for iPhone or iPad) or ANDROID (for Android) to 70994.