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NorthRidge Church: Parenting Event with Dr. Tim Elmore, Author of Generation iY
Contact: Pam Heaton, NorthRidge Church, 734-233-3621, pheaton@northridgechurch.com
PLYMOUTH, Mich., March 2, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- Over-connected. Over-protected. Overwhelmed. According to Dr. Tim Elmore, all of these terms apply to the younger half of children born since 1990. Elmore, founder and president of Growing Leaders, an Atltanta-based non-profit created to develop emerging leaders, will share his insights with parents during a three-hour seminar at NorthRidge Church on March 19.

Elmore is no stranger to NorthRidge. He touched on some of the principles during his weekend talk as a guest speaker at the church on the weekend of Feb. 26-27. NorthRidge Senior Pastor Brad Powell said Elmore has a unique understanding of the problems facing those coming of age. "Tim 'gets them' as much as anybody I know. At NorthRidge, we believe in and are committed to making a difference in the lives of young people. Tim's seminar is one tool for parents."

Tim has spoken with more than 300,000 students, faculty and staff on hundreds of campuses across the country. He has also taught courses on leadership and mentoring at nine universities and graduate schools across the U.S. Committed to developing young leaders on every continent of the world, Elmore also has shared his insights in more than forty countries -- including India, Russia, China, and Australia.

He is a dynamic communicator who uses principles, images and stories to communicate to his audience. His insight into this generation is mind-boggling. The statistics are clear and sobering. Every parent, teacher, youth leader, coach and influencer should take a hard look at this study of the next generation. The Parenting Event runs from 9 a.m. to noon on March 19 and is $10 for singles and $15 for couples. The session is comprised of four fast-paced sessions.

"Aftershock" starts the event. Elmore addresses the recent shifts in culture and technology and how they've affected this generation's hearts and minds. The second session, "Helicopters and Karaoke," is aimed at adults and discusses eight common parenting styles that have damaged children and left them unprepared.

"They have been conditioned to be a group of me-centered kids with underdeveloped coping skills," Elmore said. "This generation is destined for disillusionment and failure unless we figure out how to engage them effectively and lead them wisely right now."

In session three, "Screenagers," the pastor points out adults have a difficult time understanding this generation and explains their three greatest needs. The seminar concludes with some "Creative Ideas" for shaping this generation's future with practical steps for equipping young people to reach their potential.

"One of our core values at NorthRidge," says Powell, "is that God's truth be communicated with cultural relevance. We think Tim's seminar hits the mark."

With its main campus at 49555 N. Territorial Road in Plymouth, Michigan, NorthRidge Church is a non-denominational ministry that serves approximately 20,000 southeastern Michigan residents.
Senior Pastor Brad Powell has led the congregation for the past 20 years. NorthRidge offers six services each weekend; four at the Plymouth location and one at each of their satellite locations. For more information or to register, please visit northridgechurch.com/generations.