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Lifetime Recognition Now Being Given to Donors of The Branson Cross Through Etching Their Family Names in Stone
This architectural wonderment will rival the Statue of Liberty, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Gateway to the West.
Contact: Dean Brown, 417-414-0850
BRANSON, Mo., April 17, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- A humble 80 year old retired mid-west executive put his entire retirement income on the line to purchase an Ozark mountain top outside of Branson, Missouri. He fought to obtain the necessary permits to construct one of the world's largest crosses and was successful obtaining the permits. The retiree has faith the nationwide Christian community would rally around the Cross and see the project to completion. Wishing to remain anonymous stating "it's not about me…it's about an admission free family friendly entertainment destination that will depict the greatest story ever told… Jesus Christ life while here on earth." The non-profit Images at the Cross is responsible for fundraising and will recognize on a first come first serve basis all donors with permanent personalized inscriptions. "No donation is too small or too large and gives everyone ownership in the Cross" claims the retiree. He passionately exclaims "there is no better way to create a lasting legacy by having a personalized family inscription that will appear on bricks, pavers, walls, light stands and other places on and around the Cross." Serene garden areas and panoramic views will surround the Branson Cross where anyone can meditate and have an encounter with the Lord.
Twin Elevators will take visitors heavenward 20 stories in which each level depicts in detail Christ's life here on earth. The site is highly visible atop a prominent Ozark mountain for the nearly 200 tour busses and 8 million annual entertainment seekers commute to Branson, Missouri known as the live entertainment capital of the Midwest. There has been quite a buzz created in the Branson, Missouri area and the sleepy community of Walnut Shade in eager anticipation of the Branson Cross that will tower over the panoramic Heartland of America. Soon a webcam will be placed atop the mountain so anyone who visits their website can view progress in real time.
Corporations are currently asked to pledge donations to challenge smaller donors with matching funds. Smaller donors will be comprised of churches, charities, individuals and families. "www.supportthecross.org" is the cause driven internet site that casts the vision and mission of the Branson Cross.
A major goal of the non-profit, Images At The Cross is to assemble a diversified board of directors comprised of church leadership and corporate America who will provide leadership, guidance and oversight. During these turbulent economic times the Founder of the Branson Cross is pleased to finally witness in his lifetime Corporations and Christian CEO's not running from their spiritual faith but actually taking a proactive stance of support of their Christian faith. The overwhelming success of Mark Burnett and Roma Downey's mini-series The Bible demonstrates the nation's appetite for spiritual values attracting nearly 12 million viewers. "Support the Cross" is the theme and rallying around the Cross is the initiative to attract donors both large and small.
Christians will celebrate the Branson Cross through their generous donations and in turn be permanently recognized through a personal inscription. Tax-free donations are asked to be sent to Images at The Cross c/o The Branson Cross 4180 US Highway 65 Walnut Shade, Missouri 65771. Inscription details and instructions can be emailed or sent by postal service or visit the website www.supportthecross.org.