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Evolution's Achilles' Heels
Contact: Scott Gillis, COO, Creation Ministries International, 800-616-1264 ext 203, s.gillis@creation.com

ATLANTA, Sept. 25, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- Despite the theory of evolution being taught in public schools as the undisputed view of our origins, there remains a significant and growing body within the scientific community unconvinced by Darwin's 150+ year old theory. At its core is the philosophical idea of materialism—that matter is all there is or ever will be (to paraphrase the late Carl Sagan). Such a view embraces a naturalistic approach that the universe came into being out of nothing, and that, somehow, simple chemicals spontaneously formed to become the first cell, which ultimately was the progenitor of all life on Earth. Yet everything we know about real science demonstrates such things do not happen.

A project sponsored by Creation Ministries International (CMI) highlights such glaring weaknesses and inconsistencies in evolutionism. Their organization retains numerous Ph.D. scientists and, in a new book and companion DVD called "Evolution's Achilles' Heels", they demonstrate that generally accepted pillars or strengths of evolutionism are, in fact, its greatest weaknesses.

The book is authored by 9 Ph.D. scientists who are trained in the very subjects they discuss.

Such as:

Natural Selection Origin of Life Geology Genetics
Radiometric Dating Fossil Record Cosmology

There is also a chapter that discusses the perceived lack of any logical or scientific evolutionary basis for the ethical and moral compass that drives humanity. Based on the belief that humans are just evolved animals, many leading evolutionists today like Richard Dawkins have suggested that "eugenics can be practical and desirable" although "one would not want to be seen agreeing with Hitler."

The DVD documentary features 15 Ph.D. scientists from around the world and also contains stunning, original animations to explain some of the more intractable problems with the science behind evolution. Some of the contributors may be available for media interviews.

Interestingly, after posting the documentary trailers on YouTube a concerted effort by advocates of evolutionary theory flagged CMI's videos as 'inappropriate' causing Google to block the videos to those with Safety Mode enabled. CMI claims this is a deliberate attempt to censor the information, which is exactly why they produced the book and DVD in the first place—so that people could be exposed to an alternate view and thus make a fully informed opinion about life's origins.