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Chinese Citizens Raise Their Voices Against Repression of Petitioners' Rights Association Lawyers
Contact: Annee Kahler, Media Coordinator, 267-210-8278, Annee@ChinaAid.org; Jenny McCloy, Directory of Advocacy (Washington, DC), 202-213-0506, Jenny@ChinaAid.org; both with ChinaAid; www.ChinaAid.org, www.MonitorChina.org
BEIJING, Aug. 11 /Christian Newswire/ -- On Monday, August 9, ChinaAid learned that Hu Shigen, a rights defense activist and member of the newly founded Petitioners' Rights Defense Lawyers Association, was officially summoned at 3:00 pm by the Criminal Investigation Department of the Beijing Police, and summarily harassed and threatened by public security officers following the meeting. This incident coincides with a rising pattern of systematic persecutions against members of the Petitioners' Rights Association, since its formation in June. Rights defenders Bai Dongping, Zhao Changqing, Yang Huiwen, Jiang Tianyong, and other declared members have faced similar warnings, summons for interrogations, and similar forms of suppression.
In response to the mounting persecution, the Chinese Citizens Rights Defense Alliance joined with four Chinese associations in issuing a statement on Tuesday, August 10, calling on the leadership of China to "stand on the side of the rights defense citizens of China and the legal professionals, ensure the powers of law enforcement and other types of public power are not abused," and to "implement, respect and safeguard the Constitutional concepts of human rights."
Read the full statement, issued by the Chinese Citizens Rights Defense Alliance, Chinese Christian House Church Alliance, Preparatory Committee of Chinese Rights Defense Lawyers Association, Association of Human Rights Attorneys for Chinese Christians, and Petitioners' Rights Defense Lawyers Association on the criminal investigation and summons of Yang Huiwen, Hu Shigen, and other rights defenders:
"Obeying the Mandate of Heaven for Democracy in China and Promoting the Great Cause of Rule of Law throughout the Ages" -- Chinese 中文 | English
ChinaAid stands in solidarity with the Chinese Citizens Rights Defense Alliance and other signatories of the public statement. We urge the leaders of China to guarantee the basic human rights of its citizens and uphold rule of law in order to build a more harmonious society in China.
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