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Conservatives & Evangelicals 'Sidelined' in New Report

Contact: Matt Waters, TrafficJamDirect, 205-602-5844, mwaters@trafficjamdirect.com 

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., April 19, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- "The new donor report released by Target Analytics gives fundraisers and non-profit organizations a half-a-loaf, as only left-of-center groups were examined, while Evangelical Christian and conservative organizations were completely sidelined," said Matt Waters, president of TrafficJamDirect, a firm specializing in direct response mail for Christian and conservative organizations.

While the Blackbaud Report (Target Analytics donorCentrics Index of National Fundraising Performance http://bit.ly/YksTO) points out the difficulty fundraisers and non-profits had raising money during the recession, and the fact that donor populations are generally shrinking due to declines in donor acquisition, it failed to capture two of the most explosive areas of growth in giving: Evangelical Christian and political conservative giving. 

"Target Analytics missed the mark -- failing to capture the energy and giving by the Tea Party donors to Tea Party type of organizations.  And by focusing exclusively on Catholic organizations under the "Religion" sector, they do a great disservice to the larger philanthropic Religious community.  Catholic giving patterns are as different from Evangelicals as are conservative from liberal donors.

"Planned Parenthood, Human Rights Campaign, NARAL, Southern Poverty, Amnesty International and the ACLU don't exactly represent a cross-section of middle America.  They are the poster organizations of the far left.  Not one right of center group was included in the analysis.  And, if you are a Evangelical Christian organization, I implore you not to base your marketing and fundraising decisions on the analytics of the Sisters of St. Francis, the National Shrine of St. Jude and the Franciscan Friars.  Catholic giving and marketing techniques are very different from those found in the Evangelical world.

"Our internal data showed new donors, strong giving and strong growth across the politically conservative and Evangelical Christian spectrum.  Conservative social and economic issues resonated in a big way in 2010, and to fail to include any organization on the political right or any Evangelical Christian organization gives me great pause in putting any stock in the numbers presented."

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