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Sticks and Stones -- And Yes, Words -- Can Hurt Our Kids

Contact: Janet Mitchell, 714-401-4304; Keri Spring, 716-244-0498

ORANGE, Calif., May 8, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- Janet Lynn Mitchell, author of the new book, WORDS MATTER, painfully learned that she and her husband had not fully prepared their son, Joel, for an encounter with the neighborhood bully. They had taught him to say, "No, please stop!" and "Leave me alone." But it wasn't enough. Besides the welts he received, he had to deal with the humiliation caused by the bully's laughter when he ran to get away.

Janet's son is not alone. Nationally, nearly 200,000 students stay home from school every day because of bullying. About 20% of students have considered suicide within the past 12 months according to data gathered on bullying at behavioral-management.com. Cyber-bullying, verbal and physical bullying, including threats and intimidation, are all real issues our kids can face. Yes, it is "a jungle out there," as the song says. But bullying is just one manifestation of the negative power of words. The issue of hurtful words can begin in the "safety" of our own homes. Do the words we say, pray, and write at home build up or tear down our kids?

WORDS MATTER is a guide for parents to teach the power of words to their kids. Packed with fun ideas, family discussion questions, and Scriptures, families will discover what God says about the power of the words they think and speak. It's a journey families can take discovering "What you say -- you sow," and "If I direct my thoughts -- I direct my destiny," as Janet likes to say.

WORDS MATTER is written for all mothers and fathers -- married, single or foster parents -- who are seeking to prepare their kids for success in life. Mitchell, a veteran of pre-school, Jr. high, and high school ministry, says, "I want to give parents the tools to equip their kids for life in the real world -- principles and insights that lead to successful and meaningful friendships, relationships, and employment. They will come away with the understanding that our words create our life!"

Jentezen Franklin, Sr. Pastor of Free Chapel and the NYT best-selling author of FASTING agrees, "Discover how you can empower your kids with faith, sharpen them with God's Word, and help them live right-side-up in an upside-down world..."

Words Matter -- What we say, pray and write can change our families!, by Janet Lynn Mitchell, 192 pages, PB, $13.99, www.janetlynnmitchell.com, janetlm@prodigy.net
ISBN: 978-158169-421-5 Published by Evergreen Press, christian-publishing.net (2012), Distributed by Ingram/Spring Arbor and Amazon.com.