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GA-Based Exam Services Finds Corporate Chaplaincy Results in Productivity, Happier Employees

Work/Life Balance Affects 40 Percent of Professionals; Crippling Small Businesses


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ATLANTA, Oct. 10 /Christian Newswire/ -- While launching his new business nearly three years ago Tyler Long, president and founder of Norcross-based Exam Services wanted to offer a benefit that would address employees' personal issues and keep productivity high. So, in a rare move for a start-up organization, he hired a full time company chaplain – Coach Ken Woods. Today, Exam Services employs 500 employees and Coach Woods averages 200 visits to his office each week. Many attend a devotional session each Monday.


It was not long before Tyler Long found out what some 700 U.S. corporations like Tyson Foods and The Coca-Cola Company have known for a while: on-site chaplains help fill the void that traditional employee assistance programs have not been able to penetrate. In today's workplace, 60 percent of employees have trouble focusing on their job tasks and 40 percent of top professionals rank work/personal life balance as their top issue, according to Marketplace Chaplains USA. So how do small businesses maintain optimal employee productivity despite the strain of personal problems and the demand that personal issues be left at the door?


Although statistical research does not exist to support the successes of corporate chaplaincy, strong anecdotal evidence proves that it can definitely be an asset. Coca-Cola Bottling Consolidated of Charlotte, N.C., tested a pilot program for corporate chaplains at its Nashville, Tenn. plant and reported positive growth in productivity, quality, profitability and employee perspective; improved morale and teamwork; and decreased absenteeism.


"Coach Woods has created an extremely comfortable rapport with employees, as many corporate chaplains do, which makes him an invaluable asset to the company," said Long. "I am convinced that our investment in the chaplaincy program has been a large part of our fast growth and economic success as a firm because of reduced-employee turnover and human-resource time dealing with personnel issues."


Employees of Exam Services view Coach Woods and the corporate chaplaincy program as a positive benefit.


"God sends people like Tyler since he sees peoples' pain," says Carlos, an employee at Exam Services. Earlier this year Carlos was faced with two unfortunate family tragedies. Following the tragedies, Carlos had regular meetings with Coach Woods. "I now have the courage, strength and confidence given to me by the Almighty Father, to deal with any adversity that comes my way," says Carlos. There is no doubt in Carlos' mind, "I could not get through these difficult times without Coach and his wisdom."


Coach Woods says that about 200 people visit him weekly to say hello or for counseling.


Employees of any denomination are welcome to seek spiritual advisement from Coach Woods on a voluntary basis, and they often do. Exam Services corporate chaplaincy program extends beyond the employees to their families as well. Exam Services has a chapel located on the first floor of its corporate office where a weekly non-denominational devotional service is held on Mondays.


"Our Monday devotional allows employees to reflect on some of the significant issues they are having in life, and move forward into the week without letting these issues affect their work," says Coach.


Exam Services is a privately owned business based out of Norcross, Georgia. Exam Services provides study materials and educational supplements for the U.S. Postal Services' Postal Battery Exam. The company has grown from its establishment in 2005 from two employees to more than 450 in 2007. It services an average of 5,000 postal exam candidates a week.