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Georgetown Protests and Sebelius Scams; and Videos of Late Fr. Weslin Arrested

This press release deals with three items: 1) Today's protests at Georgetown University regarding the appearance of Kathleen Sebelius; 2) Two videos of Father Weslin being arrested; one at Notre Dame, one at then Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office; 3) A Challenge to Cardinal Wuerl and "pro-life groups" regarding Sebelius and Georgetown.

Contact: Juan Lepanto, 340-289-3700; www.ProLifeWarrior.com

WASHINGTON, May 18, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- 1) Today, approximately 2 dozen members of the Society for Truth and Justice will protest the appearance of Kathleen Sebelius at Georgetown University. Hopefully, Ms. Sebelius speech will be interrupted.

2) Two videos of the late Father Norman Weslin getting arrested can be seen on the front page of www.ProLifeWarrior.com. Father Weslin often said he wanted to die with his boots on. He continued protesting as long as he could before he passed away on May 16.

3) Mr. Randall Terry released a statement today condemning the "fundraising scams" of pro-life groups regarding the Sebelius/Georgetown Scandal, as well as criticizing the anonymous editorial released by Cardinal Wuerl's staff regarding Georgetown.

Mr. Terry States:

    "Cardinal Wuerl's office said he had 'no comment' regarding the Sebelius invitation to Georgetown.

    "The thought of the chief prelate of DC having NO COMMENT on Georgetown's treachery is akin to having 'no comment' after Herod ordered the death of the boys of Bethlehem. It is scandalous...a treachery against the Faith, the Faithful, and Innocent Life in its own right.

    "On May 15, the Archdiocesan Newspaper released a pathetic anonymous response to this scandal. They said Georgetown's choice of Sebelius was 'disappointing.' They used the word 'disappointing' or 'disappointment' five times.

    "'Disappointing' describes the outcome of a football game, or the review given an actor's performance in a new movie. It is NOT what you say when someone is murdering babies, and attacking the Church. Imagine Cardinal Wuerl saying:

    "'Herod's killing of the boys of Bethlehem was disappointing.'

    "'Pharaoh's order to drown Jewish boys was a disappointment.'

    "'Pilate's decision to execute Jesus was disappointing.'"

Mr. Terry also discusses the "fundraising scams" of many DC groups who are raising money off of the Sebelius scandal, but are doing nothing to actually confront her appearance.   

-- See Mr. Terry's full statement at www.ProLifeWarrior.com --