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Statement of Ron Prentice, Executive Director, ProtectMarriage.com on Equality California Decision to Pursue a 2012 Election Repeal of Proposition 8

Contact: Cherri Spriggs Hernandez, 916-448-4234

SACRAMENTO, Aug. 12 /Christian Newswire/ -- "While Equality California announced today that they intend to pursue a 2012 election year repeal of Proposition 8 and legalization of homosexual marriage in California, it is clear that they do not speak for a unified movement on their side of this debate. The group known as the Courage Campaign said today they will still pursue a 2010 constitutional amendment, forcing Equality California to state that they will also support the 2010 measure if it qualifies for the ballot.

"Notwithstanding the decision by EQCA to shift focus to a 2012 election, which they readily admit is a crass political decision, they will lose then just as surely as they would in 2010 or any other year. The people have spoken twice on this issue, both times reaffirming traditional marriage. If asked to do so, they will indeed vote again to protect traditional marriage."

"The pro-gay marriage advocates had all the advantages they could ever hope for in 2008, including a misleading ballot title and summary, the sympathetic (and ultimately proven to be false) claim that a vote for Prop 8 would be a vote to "divorce 18,000 couples," the benefit of asking for a "no" vote, and a very favorable electorate driven by the historic election of Barack Obama as President. They will never have these advantages again. But for all they had going for them in 2008, they failed, because the people are not with them. In fact, most public polling shows that support for homosexual marriage has peaked and retreated significantly from its high water mark."

"ProtectMarriage.com is nonetheless not resting on our victory from 2008, but working aggressively to educate the public and to help the public continue to understand the very vital role that marriage plays in our civil society. While the other side issues many press releases about their activity, we are quietly but effectively building on our majority in California.

"Based on ongoing conflict among the pro-homosexual marriage groups, it is still unclear if or when this issue may appear before voters in California. But whether in 2010, 2012, or beyond, ProtectMarriage.com will be ready to defend marriage and emerge victorious again."