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The State of the Union Address on Morality from The United Saints of America.us Streamed 'Live' March 15th, 2009 at 4pm on www.THEIETN.com

Contact: Sylvester Bland, The United Saints of America, 951-681-3066, hci1000@aol.com

MEDIA ADVISORY, Mar. 10 /Christian Newswire/ -- The United Saints of America.us from The Department of Morality, we will be broadcasting, The State of the Union Address on Morality. We're exposing the 8 major offensive attacks upon all of mankind. Then people will be able to see the plans and schemes of the dark invisible forces that work behind the scenes of the poor, the average and the powerful.

1. All Drugs Legal and Illegal

2. The Lust of the Flesh and Eyes

3. Homosexuality

4. Covetousness

5. The Prides of Life

6. Complacency

7. The Spirits of Death

8. The Religious Spirits

Believe it or not we are in the last days. In the world, signs are everywhere. Volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, storms, pestilences, diseases, wars and rumor of wars, violence, sexual perversion, racisms, hate, abortion, gang violence, terrorism, suicides, murders and etc. Any modern rational thinking (truth seeking) person is being forced to deal with the bible and its prophecies head on.

There are two kinds of people:

1. Worldly, fleshly and emotional people are driven by fun, fear, hate and lust. The dark spiritual realm has to keep reinventing itself to hold the human soul in its clutches.

2. Heavenly minded people should be self-controlled. We should be able to stand against the influence of worldly intellectualism and passions of the flesh. This person is guided by design through an eternal LOVE that brings hope and peace. This LOVE also gives us divine power and authority, to stand in these last days. We become HIS glorious hands of light, to reach into the darkness and lead some of its captives to salvation.

Please join us and see that our freedom isn't free.

A press conference will be held Immediately following.

For More Information (951) 681-3066, email: hci1000@aol.com, unitedsaintsofamerica.us