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Rosary Relay Video Promotion Goes Viral
Contact: Marion Mulhall, Founder, Worldpriest, 646-355-4106, info.worldpriest@gmail.com

NEW YORK, June 8, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- To promote the ninth Annual Global Rosary Relay via communications networks and social media also on www.worldpriest.com, one of our Worldpriest directors Colm Flynn, a professional television producer, developed and presented a stunning gift of a promotional video featuring diverse prayerful images of Our Lady and showing many Global Rosary Relay prayer locations worldwide. The accompanying music brings one on a journey of speedy movement, uplifting the soul as one reflects on the spiritual journey of the Rosary Relay, while capturing the nature of this amazing and unique event. It has now been picked up all around the world and has gone viral! Here is the link to the video: youtu.be/QJbqz0sRu7Y.

The reason why so many thousands of people have been captivated by the Global Rosary Relay is because of its simplicity and sheer effectiveness. Social media, including Facebook etc. provide very powerful channels where one can reach a huge audience and this prayer power coincides with Pope Francis's June prayer intention for the use of 'inclusive social networks.' Through the support of our partners Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) spreading the good news, our video has now gone viral!

All Global Rosary Relay participants have to do is pray a common prayer at a specified time within a twenty-four hour period. In doing so they encircle the world, uniting people from all countries and backgrounds in one common aim — prayer.

Prayer is a peaceful and healing phenomenon common to all world religions because it transcends difference and religious beliefs and unites the peoples of the world. This is the power of the Global Rosary Relay and this prayer power has now captured the world!

Marion Mulhall