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The Illusion -- How One Evil Narcissist Hid in the Church
Contact: Victoria King,
Facebook: Dear Younger Me Victim to Victor

MEDIA ADVISORY, April 24, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- Domestic violence is at an epidemic, even in the church. Narcissism is a hot button topic. Wolves in sheep's clothing infiltrate and assimilate.

Dear Younger Me, Victim to Victor is a Memoir about surviving a Sociopath Narcissist who rotated through his carnival masks to maintain his illusion of a competent church leader.

For over three decades, Victoria King lived life in her husband's Narcissist Amusement Park, riding her Carnie's rollercoaster of abuse and enduring his daily choices of torment, producing the heart-stopping startle of Whac-A-Mole games at a state fair's midway. Like peeling cotton candy from your face, living with an abuser is sticky and messy. Each encounter made Victoria feel she needed a shower to wash off her abuser’s slimy control residue. Her husband offered an array of mental, emotional, physical, sexual and spiritual abuse, like cheap blue-plate specials that sound good from the menu but taste foul. Denials of his behavior saw him deceiving professional counselors by promoting the idea the problems were hers, not his, ideas too often swallowed. At church, her abuser parlayed "apologies, repentance and forgiveness" to con naïve leaders and congregants alike, all while he wrote and published two End-Times themed books and ran a prayer ministry against drugs and compulsive behavior.

It took Victoria a long, painful time to discover her brokenness wasn't the same as his sickness, but she eventually escaped her Sociopath Narcissist's control. But jumping from her Carnie's Merry-Go-Round brought retaliation from her abuser, as he used cruel, calculated parental alienation tactics to break the bonds with her children.

The book not only time-lines and explains the complexities of Sociopath Narcissistic abuse but stops to offer helpful advice, called "Dear Younger Me." Victoria is using her pain as a platform to help others in and out of the church. The book provides a pathway to healing and helps build a foundation for a better future.
Review: This book is the closest I hope I'll ever have to be, to knowing and living with that level of evil. KS

Review: There is freedom in telling an untold story hidden inside you. Only a deep sense of obligation to those who hurt could motivate the author, so it doesn't happen again. I salute her bravery JD