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Pro-life Youth Infiltrate American Campuses

Contact: Kortney Blythe, Survivors, 704-778-2702, kortney@survivors.la

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 8 /Christian Newswire/ -- On January 29 Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, the youth-focused activist group known for their annual pro-life leadership training camp, will kick off the spring semester of Campus Life Tours.

The Survivors’ Campus Life Tour team, made up of 8-10 men and women between the ages of 18 and 28, utilize graphic photos, relevant literature and powerful debate, to impassion and educate college and high school students across the nation about the issue of abortion.

Danielle White, 23, a former leader of the Tours, says, “The high school and college campuses of our nation are really the frontlines of the battlefield in the debate about abortion. It’s on the campuses that hot button issues are debated, not in some dry, beurocratic committee. And it’s these students’ opinions that change the future of our nation.”

At each college campus, the Survivors fan out around the main thoroughfares armed with large displays and comprehensive pro-life literature to engage students, faculty, and other passersby in truthful dialogue about abortion.

Kortney Blythe, director of the Campus Life Tour team, explains, “The pictures and statistics stick with them.  Our hope is that they will leave our displays and use their newfound knowledge to talk a friend out of abortion or become pro-life activists themselves. Once we show them the truth, it is hard for them to ignore it and return to their lives of apathy.”

Instead of setting up on campus at high schools, Survivors catch the younger students as they walk home on the public sidewalks.

Blythe recalls the difference between the age groups, “High schools students, most not yet marred by the cynicism, utilitarianism, and liberalism of public universities, are intrigued and floored by the information we present to them. Many of them have already encountered abortion at a young age and they are eager to learn more about it. College students tend to exhibit more arrogance and condescension in their approach.”

Jason Conrad, 24, a current tour member, tells why he thinks the tours are necessary.  “When students learn about horrific events in our past such as the Jewish Holocaust they aren’t just told about it with words. They watch movies; they see pictures depicting exactly how gruesome that reality was. But when it comes to abortion, my generation is told nothing, shown nothing.  Young women walking into abortion clinics have no idea of what an 8 week old fetus looks like.”

Many have dubbed Survivors the Marines of the pro-life cause because of their frontline tactics and no-nonsense defense of first amendment free speech rights. Anyone interested in joining the Survivors’ Campus Life Tours or getting more information is urged to contact Kortney Blythe. Time commitments range from two weeks to a full semester.