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Church of Jezebel, Hijacking the Gospel

Contact: Derik Girdwood, 586-783-8095

MEDIA ADVISORY, Oct. 18, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- Much has been written about the Jezebel spirit as it applies to individuals but what if a church or televangelist has its entire doctrine based on it?

Derik R. Girdwood's, The Church of Jezebel, Hijacking the Gospel is a Christian fiction suspense novel depicting the corrupt and cult side of some churches and televangelists. The purpose of this work is to unveil several false doctrines and manipulative techniques that often result in misplaced faith and spiritual abuse. The core trilogy of this church and Bible college is financial prosperity, power and miracles.

The Church of Jezebel weaves a fictional mystery amidst the concepts of the Christian faith, and not only exposes false doctrines, misplaced faith and spiritual abuse but also enlightens readers through Scriptures from the Bible. The main character of the story is Christina, age eighteen, who is excited about being admitted to Bible college. Although she is easily awed by the power of the dynamic speeches, there is an unmistakable sense of foreboding and alarm from the first page.

Christina's roommate, Becky, is dating the pastor's son and becomes pregnant. A few weeks later the college announces that Becky committed suicide. However, a no-nonsense detective informs Christina that Becky was murdered and that Christina is a suspect in Becky's death. Christina's journey is fraught with twists and turns but she eventually succumbs to the Jezebel spirit only to find that it almost destroys her and her faith.

The antagonistic figures in this novel are Pastor Smith and his wife, who are only concerned about bringing a cash flow -- at all costs -- into the church, and the church prophet, whose "invitation only" lectures are more sinister than they are Christian.

The suspense builds as the truth comes out, and there "might be evidence of some type of cult at work, maybe satanic, or something similar to voodoo or Santeria." From here on out, it's a roller coaster ride for Christina, who hits an emotional high and then a low that all but destroys her and her faith.

The gripping, and at times, gritty novel culminates in a mission trip to Haiti, where nothing is what it seems, and concludes in an ultimate confrontation that shakes the highest levels of this toxic mega-church and Bible College.

The author: Derik R. Girdwood is an attorney in Michigan. His practice consists mostly of divorce, custody and criminal defense.

Book website: www.churchofjezebel.com