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Weekend Program Helping Men Resolve Unwanted Homosexual Attractions Comes to Chicago Area

4 Out of 5 Past Participants Report Reduced Same-Sex Attractions

Contact: Rich Wyler, People Can Change, 434-985-8551

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA, April 17 /Christian Newswire/ -- While gay supporters are planning a "Day of Silence" in the nation's schools April 17 to show support for the supposed cultural silencing of gays and gay issues, a non-profit organization called People Can Change is putting forward an alternative viewpoint that is much more frequently silenced: Many people with unwanted homosexual attractions have indeed experienced change.

People Can Change will bring its life-changing weekend personal-growth program, called Journey Into Manhood, to the Chicago area May 15 to 17.

Journey Into Manhood is a 48-hour experiential program for men who are serious about resolving unwanted homosexual attractions. It has proven highly effective. Four out of five past participants report that their homosexual feelings have diminished since going through the Journey Into Manhood weekend, according to follow up surveys. More than half reported an increase in heterosexual attractions, and nine out of 10 reported a decrease in distress, shame or self-condemnation.

The program is founded on the belief that, for many men, homosexuality can be understood as a sexualized craving for masculinity, often based on both envy and fear of other men, or of not feeling secure in their own masculinity or in their attachments with other males. The solution, People Can Change teaches, includes developing one's own internal sense of masculinity as well as building healthy, non-sexual attachments to other males.

Each weekend is led by men who have overcome homosexuality themselves. It was created jointly in 2002 by David Matheson, a licensed professional counselor in private practice in Utah, and Rich Wyler, a professional life coach in Virginia.

"We are not anti-gay. We are pro self-determination," says Wyler, the founder and director of People Can Change. "On the issue of homosexuality, we are pro-choice.

"If someone is conflicted over unwanted homosexual feelings, they deserve to know that change is possible, at least for some people, if not for everyone," Wyler said. "They deserve to be supported in pursuing change, if that path feels right to them.

"We recognize the inherent and equal worth of all people," Wyler said. "We strongly object to 'gay bashing' -- just as we object to 'ex-gay bashing' -- and instead encourage compassion and understanding for all who deal with homosexuality, however they may choose to address it in their lives."

For more information, visit www.peoplecanchange.com or call 1-434-985-8551.