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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

'Mindset' Small Groups with a Big Picture

Ministries Equipped to Develop Capital Campaigns

Dr. Alveda King on New Crime Statistics: We Have Sown the Wind of Death in Abortion Clinics and Reaped the Whirlwind of Violence in Our Streets

911 Caller in Abortion Death Quits Tiller

South African Church Tops List Recognized For Helping People Affected by AIDS

Modern Urban Christians Don't Just Date to Date, but Date to Mate

40-Day Vigil Launched to Stop 'Abortion Fortress'

Revelation Generation Music Festival

Amidst Loss and Ashes, Widow Finds God's Rose

Cathrine Hickem, Founder of Intentional Motherhood, Shares Why Loving Your Children is Not Enough

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Pastor Wiley Drake Calls for Imprecatory Prayer against So-Called Religious Liberty Watchdog Group

Free Preview of 'The Way of the Christian Samurai' and Pro-Life Books Available Through Google Books

Steven Mosher Releases Second in Series of YouTube Videos

World Renowned Christian Eating Disorder Treatment Center Opens Facility in Virginia

Christian Filmmakers Take Comedy Act on the Road

New 'Healing Pathway for Hopelessness' Faith-Based Program Helps Youth

The Wumblers Receives the Seal of Approval from the National Parenting Center in 2007

Supernatural Intercession: One Woman's Incredible Journey with the Holy Spirit

Lifelong Catholic Shares How to Impact the Lives of Others

Monday, August 13, 2007

Helping Christian Business Survive, Thrive, Goals of New Marketplace Network

Tiller's Attorneys Go Judge Shopping

BBC Acknowledges European Birth-Dearth

Beyond Numbers Provides a Unique Approach to Teaching Math from a Biblical Worldview

Richard Viguerie on Karl Rove's Resignation: Good News for Conservatives

Morality in Media President Bob Peters Responds to Articles in the New York Times and Washington Post Attacking www.ObscenityCrimes.org

Indiana Woman Delivers 'Hope for Women'

Doctors Avoid Prosecution by Killing One of Their Patients

Church Solutions Announces Partnership with the National Association of Church Facilities Managers

Six-Year Anniversary of Washington's Thirtymile Fire: Teen Firefighter Honored in 'Angel Promises: Remembering Karen Lee'

Twenty Years of Infertility Cannot Stop God's Plan

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