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Friday, August 08, 2008

New Book Releases: 'For Our Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant Friends'

Grandparents Take Center Stage as Parenting Crisis Transforms American Families

HLI Condemns Death Threats Against Church and Affiliate in Ecuador

Appalachian Advocacy Association Targeted by Tennessee Judiciary

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Richard Viguerie: Obama and McCain Proposals Would Jeopardize Future Social Security Payments

Alpha Omega Publications Releases 2008 Switched-On Schoolhouse Electives

California Legislature Approves 'Gay Day' in Public Schools

World Renowned Minister Reveals Angels to World

The Don Moen Company Acquires MediaComplete, Market Leader in Church Media Presentation Software

Three Christians Again Arrested, Detained in China for Speaking Out on Forced Abortion and Religious Persecution

Cloud Ten Pictures Announces Settlement of Legal Disputes with Timothy LaHaye, co-Author of Left Behind Books Series

Americans Held by Beijing Authorities Since Second Arrests -- Not Heard From

House Churches Ready to Welcome President Bush; Deeply Concerned over President Bush's Second Visit to Government Sanctioned Church

Saddleback Forum with Presidential Candidates Calls Media to Announce Intent

Time Cover: The Purpose Driven Pastor -- Rick Warren

Colorado For Equal Rights Applauds Focus on the Family's Support of Personhood Amendment 48

Inspiration for Families with Disabled Children

Are Family Haters Lurking in California Government

Are Christians Attracting a Spiritual Atmosphere -- Or Repelling It

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Three Americans Dragged by Police from Tiananmen Square -- Public Prayer Deemed Illegal Demonstration

4 Winds Allows Olympic Testimonies Underground -- China is Hypocritical in Treatment of Christians on the Streets

SurvivorMall.com Supports National Preparedness Month with Free Books, Guides, Downloads

Three American Christians Released from Custody After Arrests in Beijing

Countering Youth Violence: Success in the Midst of a Deadly Trend

Tyson Foods: An American Company?

Three American Christian Leaders to Hold a News Conference and Prayer Vigil in Tiananmen Square After Being Released from Police Custody

Recession Proof Your Church's Giving

Pastor Rick & Kay Warren Bring Together Leaders to Discuss Unification of Expertise to Stop HIV/AIDS

Americans Arrested in Beijing -- News Conference at Chinese Embassy Today

America Needs Fatima Exceeds 2,000 Captains Milestone for Rosary Rally on October 11

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