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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Please Tell the Truth Tony Perkins, Values Voters Deserve to Know

School Officials Cleared of Criminal Contempt Charges in Case Involving Prayer

10/40 Window Sunday 2009 - Mobilizing Prayer for the Most UnReached People on the Planet

Obama Interrupted at University of Maryland by 'Pro Life Moderate' Yelling: 'Liar!'

GMC Renews 'Four: Southern Gospel's Best' Series

Family Films are Killing R-rated Movies

On Eve of Values Voters Summit, Rasmussen Poll Shows Widespread Opposition to Government Funding of Abortion in Health Care Reform

Will Dialogue Promoter Notre Dame Jail Pro-Lifers? 'Drop Charges' Petition Launched by Catholic Student Group

Wake-Up Calls to Pakistani Government Go Unheeded with Deadly Results

Discover How You Can Take Back America in St. Louis Next Week

'The Message of the Cross' Goes Ends of the Earth

New Animated Catholic Film Inspires Catholic Youth to Live With Fearless Faith

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Boy in a Bikini, Other Gay Films Get Wide Audience in California Schools

Is H1N1 Flu Another Y2K Scare? Why Churches Need to Take Flu Seriously

'Time to Ask Why Most State Attorneys General are AWOL on ACORN,' says Mark Fitzgibbons, President and Legal Counsel of Cause-Related Marketing Pioneer

House Church Leader: Americans are Splitting Their Church commitments as They Search for Something Deeper

'ObamaCare' Protests at Comcast Center, U.M., before President's Speech at University of Maryland on Thursday, September 17

Commentary Ties Falling Birth Rates to Rise of Neo-Malthusians

National 'Back to Church Sunday' Spurs Massive Response

Criminal Contempt Case Over a Meal Prayer Goes to Trial on National Constitution Day

Midwest Book Review calls Biblical Freedom from Religious Oppression by K. Scott Schaeffer, 'An Intriguing and Fascinating Read that May Change Some Reader's Lives for the Better'

Christianity Today Launches Redesign with October 2009 Issue

Mango Ministries Grows Fruit in the Sudanese Desert

The Gates of Hell Seem to be Prevailing, but Why

Legendary Football Coach Fisher DeBerry Shares the Secret of His Success -- The Power of Influence: Life-Changing Lessons from the Coach

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

By Dawn's Early Light: 400 Launch Violent Attack on Fushan House Church

On Thursday, 9/17 and Friday 9/18, Various Pro-Life Groups Will Stage Protests at High Schools From Noon to 1:00 P.M., Showing Pictures of Aborted and Healthy Babies -- the Same Pictures Jim Pouillon Was Showing When He Was Gunned Down

Home School Curriculum Debuts

New Book Release-10 Minutes till Midnight

TV Personality Inks Book Deal

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