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'Birther' Arrested During the Reading of the U.S. Constitution, at U.S. House of Rep. -- Press Conference Following Arraignment on Wednesday

Contact: Theresa Cao, 202-556-6007, gotheavensbailout@gmail.com

WASHINGTON, Jan. 18, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- "Birther" Theresa Cao, who some have renamed "New 'Speaker of the House'" will be arraigned this Wednesday, January 19, 2011 at 10:30am [Eastern Time] at Superior Court [Moultrie Courthouse], Courtroom C-10, 500 Indiana Ave., NW, Washington, DC, 20001.

Cao attended the "first time ever" reading of the U.S. Constitution on Capitol Hill at the U.S. House of Representatives Gallery on January 6, 2011. As a U.S. Citizen, Theresa had hoped to witness, at least one U.S. Congressional leader who would boldly stand to defend God, Country and the U.S. Constitution.

When she realized that no one in Congress was going to stand to defend the Natural Born Citizen [Article II Section 1] requirement to be President, she instinctively exclaimed what she knows to be the truth; she expressed her personal allegiance to God, Country and the U.S. Constitution and cried out "Except Obama! Except Obama! Help us Jesus! My name is Theresa...!"

Cao was immediately removed from the gallery, then arrested, handcuffed, and charged with the federal misdemeanor of Unlawful Conduct [Disruption of Congress] [DC CODE: 10 DC 503.16 B.4]. Cao was processed and released by the Capitol Hill Headquarters Police, with a scheduled arraignment set for this Wednesday.

Following her arraignment, Cao will hold a press conference outside the Courthouse on the public sidewalk to answer questions from the press and all interested citizens. All are welcome.