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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Next Week: Three U.S. Presidents Join Together to Help Dedicate New Billy Graham Library in Charlotte

Pentecost Sunday -- A Time to Celebrate the Birthday of the Church While Reflecting Back to the Opening Ceremony of the Christian Olympics

Thought the Super Bowl Half-Time Show Breast-Baring Stunt was Bad? Wait Till You See What Delta Airlines has in Store for Kids

President of Nation's Leading Lutheran Voice on Immigration Reform Speaks Out in Favor of New Senate Amendment

Samuel David Cheney's Two Mommies

Fight...Fight for all it?s Worth--Because Your Life is Worth Everything

Proposals Before Baltimore-Washington United Methodists Target Israel & Back Homosexual Cause

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Catholic Clergy Respond to 18 Democrats

Christianity Today Magazine Names the Year's Top Books on Faith

Kansas Legislator Resigns Committee in Protest of Abortion Cover-Up

Have Democrat Candidates Got Religion? -- Clinton, Obama, Edwards to Profess Beliefs at Forum on Faith and Values

The Rev. John Arthur Nunes Named 4th President of Lutheran World Relief

Leading Presidential Candidates Debate Terri Schiavo Case

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Save Yourself from the Rotten Life You've Created

Has a United Methodist Minister in Maryland Changed Her Sexual Identity?

White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives Convenes 'Compassion in Action Roundtable to Discuss Economic Development and Community Investment

Ex-Inmates Receive Housing in Idaho -- First of Its Kind in Pacific Northwest

Fr. Pavone Calls Governor's Veto the 'Ostrich Approach' to Public Policy

Joint Press Conference Tomorrow to Address Partial-Birth Abortion Enforcement

Another Black Friday for the Coptic Christians of Egypt

'10 Commandments' Judge Roy Moore Says Pro-Homosexual Maryland Judge Trying to Wipe Out God's Definition of Man/Woman Only Marriage

Time Warner Needs to Check Bill Maher

Oklahoma Artist to Present 'Sacrifice for Freedom' Memorial in Port Arthur, Texas Memorial Day Event

Publisher Offers Free Pro-Life, Catholic Books for Bloggers

Ten Thousand Names to be Carried as Grieving Families Prepare for 'Walk to Remember' Children

Family Unity Must Be Focus of Immigration Reform, Evangelicals Say

Monday, May 21, 2007

Rockfish Interactive Launches New Version of Fourthbook.com -- A Web-Based Church Management Software that is Cost-Effective and User-Friendly for Churches of All Sizes

New Christian Novel Retells Acts of the Apostles

Text of Bush-Kennedy Bill Reveals 'Amnesty From Line 1'

Forum to Present Christian Conservative Views--'Evangelicals, United or Divided?' will Contrast with Sojourners' Panel Featuring Clinton, Obama and Edwards

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