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Friday, August 21, 2009

Oregon Law Bans Teachers from Wearing Religious Attire

Your Clunker Could Put Someone on the Road to Self-Reliance

Citizens to Host Town-Hall Meeting in Lieu of Representatives, Senators

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Does the Ticking Time Bomb in the Middle East Threaten All of Mankind

Evangelism with a Kick - CMAC Releases New Book for Faith-Based Martial Arts & Fitness Instructors

Sad: Declining Lutheran Denomination Liberalizes Sex Teachings

A Woman Fights for her Life and the Church is Culpable: a Call to Repentance

CWA and Others: Stop the Abortion Mandate

Prominent Clergy Group Launches Health Care Prayer Campaign on Facebook

Obama Goes Religious to Sell His Health Care Program

California Christian School Defies Economy as Public Schools Get the Axe

Back-To-School 'Secrets' About Bullying

New Church Resources Available for Max Lucado's Timely Book 'Fearless'

Exposing America's Darkest Secrets

Healthcare and Abortion: Randall Terry Leads Protests and Press Conferences in 10 Cities in Five States

Orissa One Year Later: Fear, Persecution Remain High

FBI Agents Visit the Home and Question Nationally Known Christian Activist and Outspoken Critic of President Obama's Human Rights and Social Justice Record

Christian Author Announces Internet Training

'The Biblical Dinner', a Brilliant 'Must See' Documentary Film Releases This Month. Every Man and Woman…Christian or not Must See This Film

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Obama Says 'Government Funding of Abortion' is 'Fabrication,' But the White House-Backed House Bill Explicitly Authorizes It

Susan B. Anthony List on President Obama's Health Care Conference Call

US District Court Hears Arguments for Additional Plaintiffs, Sets Trial for Proposition 8 Challenge

Suit Filed in Federal Court Against the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to Stop Federal Funding of Research Involving the Destruction of Living Human Embryos

Catholic Answers Joins Rapidly Growing Catholic Publishing Consortium

Statewide Campaign Against Tax-Funded Abortion Launched in California

Faith-Based 40-Day Grassroots Pro-Life Outreach Gears up for September 23 Launch in 209 Cities; Knockoff Plan is Pushing Abortion as Healthcare

Pastor's Summit on GOD TV this Weekend

Students React as Religious Liberty, Conscience Protections Placed at Risk

Dying to Live - 'I Die Daily'

Labor Day Weekend Music Fest, Revelation Generation, Offers NJ, NY and PA Businesses Opportunity to Cater to More than 25,000 Concert-Goers

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